We optimize then manage your online presence on Local Search sites such as Google Local Plus, Bing and Yahoo Local; plus key local business directories and industry-specific review sites to help you get a steady stream of new customer inquiries.


We optimize your presence on key review sites then monitor and alert you to all reviews posted on selected review sites by your customers – plus we market positive reviews while managing negative reviews off the public grid…all to help you get more new customer inquiries from your positive third party referrals.


We monitor and manage the volume of mentions about your business or key employees in online news, image, video and social media posts in order to increase your overall presence and visibility online so that prospective new customers will see you as a market leader with a positive reputation.


We help you productively engage your customers in social media to encourage their positive referrals and reviews in order to win more new customers who are searching for online advice and referrals.


We optimize your overall presence and “voice” in all forms of reputation media including local search, business directories, review sites, news, image and video sharing sites and social media so that you dominate your competitors in each of your markets.


Once we have your Reputation under control, we can then provide any additional Internet Marketing services that may be required to increase the number of new customer leads as well as the conversion of those leads into patients, clients or customers.