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Successful Auto Dealership Campaigns

100% bought in and we absolutely love this campaign.  Steve worked very hard to get into our dealership.  As the BDC Manager, I was very apprehensive about the product.  Steve told me to be ready for a lot of calls and they will come in fast.  I told my BDC is 16 strong and we are ready!  Well, we were not ready.  The phones blew up fast.  Everyone including myself were on the phones.  We had a campaign of 1000 people and sold 12 vehicles.  

We continued to sign up for the ringless campaigns and we learned from our previous experience.  We spaced out how many dropped every hour, as well as our overall number of people targeted.  Every single time we sell a lot of vehicles and at a very low cost.  

In order to be successful you must have the right script, target the right people at the right time, and have 2 people dedicated to working the back end tool.  The back end texting tool is great for customers that feel more comfortable texting versus calling.  

You must train your team and be ready!  I"m not kidding, be ready for calls and lots of them!

Scott Miller

BDC Manager
Betten Baker Automotive

Steve has been a great marketing partner! Always finding us the best way to reach our current and future clients. Highly recommend.

Joe Grimm

GM Betten Baker Honda

We have used Steve and his system several times with positive results.

Sales Manager
Preferred Chevy

Matt Daniels